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Improving School Climate for Academic and Life Success - ISCALS

ISCALS focuses on school consultation and programs to help disadvantaged and other schools attain a respectful climate that promotes student voice, builds skills, addresses the safety concerns of all student and staff subgroups, improves staff morale, closes achievement and opportunity gaps, provides a safe and engaging learning environment, and enhances student success in school and life.

How We Work

  • We focus on process, not programs.
  • We assess school climate and culture and provide tools and build local capacity to improve it.
  • We help schools coordinate social-emotional, character, and prevention related programs within their jumbled schoolhouse, for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Our graduate students serve in a liaison role to school, providing or arranging training, consultation, and other services.
  • We work with an 8-week planning cycle process, to maximize sustainable progress
  • We provide pathways, support, and networking to build skills for new and current professionals.
  • We emphasize approaches that increase student voice, service, and engagement in learning and in the well-being of the school as a community.
  • Students have a significant role in developing intervention materials for teachers and counselors, consulting to school staff in support of student clubs and groups, working with school support staff to implement youth empowerment programs for students at risk of academic failure and/or behavioral difficulty, and serving as informal staff/leadership consultants to faculty and staff leading school culture and climate, school safety team, and related committees focused on students’ social-emotional and character development and school culture and climate.


For further information, contact:
Maurice Elias, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology & Coordinator of ISCALS
Phone: (848) 445-2444