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The Resources

The primary resource of the Center for Applied Psychology is the faculty of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers. A broad spectrum of psychology is represented by these professionals. Their interests and experiences cover individual, group and organizational assessments; treatment of psychological problems from many perspectives; organizational behavior; and improving the psychological climate of the work place and communities. They are nationally and internationally renowned for their work.

The Programs

Programs conducted by the Center for Applied Psychology are developed by assessing the needs in the community and matching them with the expertise of the faculty and associates of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. The current programs are broadly based and involve the application of psychology at individual, group and systematic levels: Programs in Psychotherapy. The Psychological Clinic, Foster Care Counseling Project, Rutgers/Somerset Counseling Project, the Tourette's Syndrome Program Programs in Schools/Education. School Consultation, Emotional Intelligence Project, Social Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Program, School-Based Youth Services Project, New Jersey Center for Character Evaluation Programs in Organizations. Organizational Consultation, Career and Performance Consulting Group, Team Building, Stress Reduction and Management, Emotional Intelligence Factors in the Workplace, the Organizational Psychology Consulting Group